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Samantha's Dawson's Creek Fiction


Campfire Confessions
Give Me A Reason
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How It's Supposed to Be
HISB prologue
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Promicide: The Lost Scenes
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The Kiss
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This Entangled Web
You'll Be Strong
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HISB prologue


It wasn't supposed to be like this. She didn't want this to happen. But before she even knew it was happening, she was already too far-gone to do anything about it.

He never thought it would be like this. He had hoped it would be an inspiring and loving relationship, but never expected his feelings to expand so much and so quickly.

She came back to Capeside to move on; never thinking there'd be anything there to hold her back except herself. She didn't feel like he was holding her back, but rather pulling her deeper into this magical relationship by the second. And the further down she was pulled, the harder it would be to get out.

All he wanted was to be with her. He was challenged by her, and inspired by her. There was a time when another girl had been his inspiration, but times had changed, and he was glad they did. For if they hadn't, he'd probably still be wallowing in self pity. If it weren't for her- for this relationship, he wouldnt have known how he would have lived.

But it wasn't supposed to be like this. They both knew it. What was crazy about it though, was that they both liked it like this, and didnt want it to end.

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