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Samantha's Dawson's Creek Fiction


Campfire Confessions
Give Me A Reason
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How It's Supposed to Be
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Promicide: The Lost Scenes
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The Kiss
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Scene 4

[Prom - Gretchen is standing looking over the deck when Pacey approaches. She's sipping out of a bottle, what looks to be a wine cooler.]
Pacey: Where did you get that?
Gretchen: Some drunk football guy. You want some?
Pacey: No. I think I'll pass. You want to tell me what's wrong? 'Cause I know it has to be big if you're drinking that.
Gretchen: I'm at the prom, Pacey. I'm at the prom again. I mean, I graduated 4 years ago, and I'm still here. You know, tonight, for the first time... I didn't just feel older than Dawson... I felt old. I mean, too old to be here. Too old to be doing what I'm doing.
Pacey: You want pathetic? How's this for pathetic? I'm technically still a junior. I'm not even supposed to be here.
Gretchen: A brother who's too young and a sister who's too old. We're quite the lot there, Pacey.
Pacey: And you want to know what the worst thing about a prom boat is? You're trapped.
Gretchen: Yup.
Pacey: You know what? It's the strangest thing, but ever since I got back from that trip with Doug, I've been feeling... really angry. But not angry at myself. It's actually worse than that. I've been feeling really angry at Joey. And I don't know why I'm angry at Joey. And that makes me feel guilty, and then the guiltier that I feel, the angrier I get, and I still don't know what to do about it.
Gretchen: Well, maybe if you, um... maybe if you try talking to her, you can start to figure out a reason.
Pacey: Uh... I don't really know how to start talking.
Gretchen: That's the great thing about being trapped. You gotta try.

Pacey's lips curled up slightly at his sister. "You know, that's one thing I love about you Gretch. That 'do as I say, not as I do' attitude."
"And one thing I love about you is your thinly veiled attempts to turn a criticism into a compliment."  Her smirk matched his as her eyes redirected to the ocean.
"I'm not trying to be offensive here. You spit out lots of great advice but it seems like you never take it've gotta try too, Gretchen. I don't know what you'll be trying tonight, but whatever it is you've gotta do it." Pacey looked at his sister sincerely.
Gretchen eyed her brother. "The sentiment here is killing me."
Pacey groaned. "Now I see where I get my ability to avoid the topic from."
She laughed a little. "So what are you going to do?"
"I don't know. I'll take each moment as it comes along."
Gretchen nodded. "Just think a little bit before you do anything too drastic."
"I'll try." His voice was monotone, not a good sign. "What do you say we head back in there?"
"Okay then."
Pacey walked ahead of Gretchen a little bit. She watched his quick stride and knew he was angry. He was rushing towards something but had no idea what. Gretchen sighed to herself as she followed her brother.

There's more...